Match Report
Northampton School for Boys Boys-U16A vs  Aylesbury Grammar School
On: Saturday, 19 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

Match Day Details


Saturday 19th Oct

Meet time:

8:00am at the theatre.

Eng vs. Aus


Aylesbury Grammar School

12:30 Kick off

Squad Selection

1. J. Aluko

2. I. Young

3. J. Steel

4. T. Evans

5. T. Donaldson

6. D. Moon

7. J. Khangura

8. E. Baker

9. H. Vesty

10. W. Smears

11. B. Scoles

12. F. Sleightholme

13. G. Kennedy

14. R. Mclean

15. O. James

16. W. Evans

17. B. Holmes

Cameron Man

Taylor– Hydration Station Coordinator

Additional Adults: GBR, RWI, AHO

NSB vs Aylesbury Gramma Away

We made the journey to Aylesbury straight after the superb performance of the England rugby team and I’m sure the boys had ambitions of matching that performance.

On arrival there was a fear that there was no game, as with an hour to go the grounds and school were a ghost town. We soon got in however and the hosts busy setting up.

We won the coin toss during the warm up and chose wisely to play up hill and into the wind. Both lending themselves to a tough slog for a half of rugby.

We started trying to play our systems and structure knowing we would need to keep it tight for this half. However we got a little lost as ball carriers offloading and choosing our wider options.

Ollie James doing well to field kicks that were hard to read in the strong wind. He countered well to set the ball up on several occasions.

The defence was strong with Aylesbury gaining possession after we attempted to clear our lines. Good tackles by Smears and Baker stopping their momentum.

We eventually gain possession again and Smears calling the shots feeds Dan Moon through a hole with an inside ball, but the offload to return the favour just goes forward.

Loughborough gain possession from a few exchanges and work it off a lineout. Once again our defence is strong and turnover ball comes our way once more. A clever pick and go from Khangura moves us outside our 22m, a place that we knew would become familiar this half with the wind.

We feed Ed Baker off of 9 but a good turnover from Aylesbury and they move the ball wide for their 12 to dot down in the corner. A tough kick but finds the middle of the posts superbly for the home team.


Off the kick off Aylesbury knock it on and we have a chance to run some set piece that we’ve been working on this week.

The boys execute it with precision and Ollie James goes over with the conversion on the 5m line. A really tough kick in to the wind and it just pulls in front of the posts.


We set up an exit off kick off and Ollie James with his punchy kicking style finds good distance. The bounce going in our favour as a good kick chase by George Kennedy retains us possession. A strong carry from Aluko keeps the momentum.

A few phases later and Aylesbury who are having a good game over the ball, gain another turn over winning a penalty.

They kick for touch and get the lineout but Dan Moon is like a luna eclipse today as he steals ball. From the possession we knock on out wide to give Aylesbury the ball on our 22.

I can see Aylesbury starting to itch and seem irritated as the rash is at work again. Isaac for the second time today getting over the ball to claim it for his own.

For the whole game Young is like a jaguar hunting for the ball and his prey.

We do well with the ball sucking in the defence and giving the backs a chance to go wide. We find some success as we make our way up the field. Strong carries again by the pack and we move towards their 22.

The ref blows his whistle for us holding on and the boys seem a little deflated as their hard work up the field is stopped.

We enter a period where there’s a dance of possession between the 2 teams mainly as a result of penalty infringements.

A strong run by Donaldson who is having a good game takes us up field after another turnover.

Both teams really struggling to maintain possession and build phases. As the team knows, 6 phases is enough for us to break the line but our inability clear the breakdown means Aylesbury are poaching ball from us on the deck.

Once again they don’t find touch and James is able to bring it up the hill.

From the breakdown Vesty who is having a good game with his service picks and goes which then feeds Smears who is clever in his support lines. We break the line and take the ball up to the 22. Vesty who sees another chance picks again and bursts through to feed Sleightholme who runs nice a support line also. The ball not quite getting away in time meaning Frankie has slightly over ran and the ball goes forward.

A great take by James as they look to clear once again sets up our assault but with the ref being very sharp with any hands on the ball we are judged to be holding on again.

The whistle blows for half time.

Half time

The messages were clear at the half. We knew that the hill and wind could have had us 15 points down at a minimum, so to only be 2 points behind we knew we had opportunity to take the game to them.

A few changes at half time and a call for the boys to be more direct and run a little harder.

We win a penalty courtesy of the jaguar, Isaac Young on the hunt once more. He makes a tackle, bounces up and at the next breakdown gets over the ball in Isaac fashion to win it.

Changes in possession once again and we struggle to build. The stop start and lack of flow effecting the heads of one or two players.

We gain the ball and George Patten who came on at half time carries very well to have us knocking on the door.

Ross Mclean getting the ball out wide try’s to fool the drifting defence but he’ll know the pass should have gone on reflection. They gain possession and attempt to clear their line but kicking to James is always a danger. He fields the kick and links up well to feed Mclean back on his own wing to cross over. The kick dropping short.


We exit and put the pressure back on Aylesbury within their half. Once again the Luna eclipse steals the ball and we begin to move it with confidence.

We work it well up the field with wide passing and are brought down short of the line. Patten, Young, Baker, Smears all just short before the ball squeezes out in the tackle under the posts.

They clear and find touch but we gain a line out inside the 22. A driving maul has us moving forward and sucking them in.

The ball comes out and Smears feeds Kennedy on a miss pass to go straight through under the posts. Good dummy lines from Patten who is carrying well fooling the defence. Conversion made by smears.


Off the kick off Smears runs the show with Jacob Steel running hard off of his shoulder and then feeding Patten on a support line to continue the threat. Once wide however, the ball is lost and goes into touch.

Once again their line out is stolen by Dan Moon who is getting up well in front of his man.

Strong carries sets up a chance to park them down deep with a clever kick. Of course Moon is there to steal ball and we gain possession again.

Eventually we give them possession in the form of a 22m kick and we’re able to build from the 10m again. They get on the ball and win a penalty and the frustration is being seen as we struggle to keep hold of possession and build time and time again.

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen or been involved in a game with so many turnovers over the ball.

We move the ball off a scrum midfield and find James who busts through the line after a good set piece in the backs. Off loads are found and Baker takes it to the line. They turn him over however and we’re forced to defend again. After fielding the kick the ball is moved wide to Scoles who is brought down on the 5m line. The Jaguar pounces and with a dummy off the base, Young powers over the line to score. The kick made by Smears.


We get the ball after an exchange of kicks from the restart. Lineout in the 22 and the boys are tighter in this maul as we work down the field in well executed fashion. Vesty controlling things at the back. The ball comes out and we’re knocking on the door time and time again. We try to force a few passes and we’re turned over when one goes loose.

Smears fields the clearance and adds some footwork. James kick and chases and the games restarted with a 22m drop out. We gain possession and test their back field again with a high kick from Smears. They fail to tidy up and Scoles picks it up to dot over the line. The kick just short.


The game ends with another round of possession tennis as we knock it back and forth to each other. The final whistle blows.

The boys knowing that try’s were left out there but should be pleased with their ambition to play there improving game. A little more patience and composure needed for ball retention but we’ll pick that up when we return after half term.

2 weeks off from school rugby as we return to the fixture card versus Samuel Whitbread in November.

Man of the match:

Harry Vesty

Captain Cruelty:

Isaac Young/Dan Moon

Special Mentions:

Ed Baker

George Kennedy

Tom Donaldson